Tips For Snorkeling in Grand Cayman

Anyone traveling to the Grand Cayman Islands should try to spend some time in the water. If you’re going to be going snorkeling, these tips will help you to have a great time. Snorkeling is a lot of fun, especially when you do it right.

Choose The Right Mask 

If you don’t own a snorkeling mask, you’re going to want to be careful about the mask that you choose. You need to have a mask that fits you comfortably. If your mask is too loose — or too tight — you might struggle with it. 

It’s a smart idea to buy a mask before you leave for your trip. Masks on the Grand Cayman Islands tend to be costly. Make sure you try on a number of masks so that you can find one that fits you properly. 

Find Fins That Fit Well 

While you’ll want to wear a mask with a great fit, you will also need to think about the way your fins fit your body. Your fins will make it easier for you to swim through the water. Your fins should feel like they are part of your body. 

Closed-heel fins tend to have the best fit. The majority of people are able to wear fins like this comfortably. You should always make sure that you clean out your fins before you put them on. If your fins have sand or debris inside of them, they could give you blisters.

Wet Your Face And Hair Before You Put On Your Mask 

A lot of people put on their mask before they get into the water. However, you should actually wet your face and hair before applying the mask. You’ll be able to get a better fit if you are already wet when the mask goes on. 

Take a minute to soak your head before your snorkeling trip begins. Once you are wet, put your mask on like normal. You’ll find that doing this gives you a very comfortable fit. 


A lot of people concentrate carefully on their movements while they are snorkeling. While there’s nothing wrong with trying hard, you’ll have a better snorkeling experience if you give your body a chance to relax. 

Your body will naturally float as long as you are relaxed. If you remain calm while you’re in the water, you won’t distract any of the fish around you. You’ll have the chance to see things that you may not have noticed otherwise. 

Keep Your Skin Safe 

The sun’s rays are even more potent when you are in the water. Don’t just throw on some waterproof sunblock. Make sure you have a t-shirt on while you snorkel. A little bit of extra protection can go a long way. 

You’re sure to have a great time snorkeling in the Grand Cayman area. The water here is very clear, which means that you’ll be able to see a lot. From coral to stingrays, you’ll be able to take in all kinds of sights on your snorkeling trip.

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